About Us

“GANGOTREE – The House Of Designer Sweets, Chaats & Savories in  Bangalore since April 1986”

“Gangotree” – the name is synonymous with designer sweets and chaat in Bangalore since 1986. Gangotree, known for quality sweets and chaat, has been instrumental in launching various new varieties of sweets and chaats.

Mr. H.M.Sethia, who is also a film maker, (who made the super hit film like “Jab Jab Phool Khile”) started this venture in 1986 with their first shop at Highpoint says “we offer quality and hygienic food and snacks at very affordable prices. We emphasise more on quality and tasty food than our outlook. Among our customers are lots of film stars, political leaders and sports personalities, besides business community”. Gangotree is coming up with fresh fruit juices and milk shake counter by next month. They presently house almost 500 varieties of sweets. Gangotree caters for marriages and parties as well. Most of their customers include families and the student community. With Gangotree ‘once a customer always a customer’.

Mr. Raj Sethia, who has now taken the torch from his father to run the show, came up with the unique idea of having an event centered around World Cup Cricket as the theme. “With the kind of hype which is being built on this World Cup I was prompted to do this event. The basic idea was to wish good luck to the Indian team for the World Cup. This kind of an event is probably the first of its kind in a so called authentic Sweet Meat Shop.” 

Mr. Raj Sethia had converted the entire shop to resemble a cricket stadium. It included a scoreboard and commentator’s box. There were also wickets 35 feet long outside the shop. “We have in fact even changed the names of our preparations after the game. For e.g., the traditional pani puri will be called Dot Ball, Franky Roll is called Long On, so on.”

Raj Sethia enjoys his work. The prospect of finding new ways of adorning sweets to make them appealing and trying out new chaats, enthralls him. Explaining further, Mr. Raj Sethia says, “Apart from our quality what we value most are our esteemed customers. At Gangotree we give personalised service and often make new creations as per the customer’s specifications. Chaat is the only food which is custom-made. You can make it either spicy, or sweet or if you love chilis you can have it hot.” Raj Sethia is innovative, adventurous and takes pleasure in experimenting, aspiring to rejuvenate people’s taste buds.