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We prepare Special Sweets for festive    occasions. Paneer based sweets are the favourites. Malai Ladoo, Rose Cake Cham Cham & Moti Pak are a few.


We not only have customers from Bangalore and other places as well. A few of them are in our Gallery.



Designer Ladoos

Conical shaped ladoos made specially for this diwali....

Designer Ladoos...

Mr. Raj Sethia, the properitor is abounding with ideas and always has a new trick up his sleeve. In the past he has given the city much to talk about The 35 Feet Big Cricket Stumps for the ‘Cricket World Cup’ in 1999, 8 Feet Big Mango for the ‘Mango Hungama’ in 2000 and 30 Feet Huge Computer for the ‘International Chat Festival’ .He believes in raising the mundane to an art form.  This year he wants to “upgrade the ladoo”. .With Diwali round the corner and the demand for “something different” being the fad he believes that his “designer ladoos” present the perfect answer. The “new  look ladoo” takes on a new shape and form . It has shed its fuddy duddy round image and is all shaped -up and ready to make a mark in a conical shape. So the gift and the giver will be remembered with sweet memories !



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